Terms and Conditions


All items in our shop are made to order. This means that we require some time to make each item, when the order is received. 

Typical Processing Times

We handcrafts all cake topper and decor. Oftentimes, orders process faster than the indicated times, but we can’t guarantee a faster processing time. Please see below for specific processing times for each product type*. 

-Cake Toppers: 1-3 business days
-Table numbers & other decor: 1-3 business days
-Alternative guestbooks: 1-5 business days

*Please note that the following processing times do not include the shipping time. Please see the shipping section for the estimated shipping timelines. Processing times may vary for custom order, depending on how fast the digital artwork is approved by the customer.

During spring and summer (pre-wedding season), orders may take an extra time to process, depending on how many orders we are trying to process at that moment. We will do our best to fulfill every order within a reasonable timeline and in order of sequence, without compromising the quality of the products.

Processing Custom Items

Custom orders may take slightly longer to create, since we have to design, send out the digital artwork, and wait for approval before production. Proofs of the digital artwork will be sent via email in 24-48 hours after the item is purchased. 

To stay within processing times, we will proceed with production within 24 hours of the proof being sent, even if there is no reply to the email.

Once the design is approved, or after 24 of the proof being sent, we are unable to change or cancel the order.

Due to very high demand for our custom pieces we are unable to modify the artwork or send multiple proofs. Our designs are meticulously crafted and include all special requests. If you wanted to consider a different design, we are able to do so at an additional cost.

Processing Non-Custom Orders

Items that are non-custom are made quicker than custom decor. If you wanted to request a customization to anon-custom item, we would be more than happy to do so. Please contact us prior to purchasing since designing fees may be applicable. 

Rushed Orders

If items are required very quickly, please contact us before purchasing. Rush fee and shipping upgrades may be applicable. We will try our best to fulfill your order as fast as we can.


The products you receive might vary slightly from the product picture due to the nature of your products being 100% handmade to order. Every single piece is handmade with the same love and care as if it were my own fairytale wedding.

Your products can be damaged if:

-Exposed to water
-Left out of the provided box or packaging
-Not handled properly


For your own safety, these wooden products should not be placed near flames and are not edible. Our products are not toys and should not be placed in front of children without adult supervision. For safety reasons, our signs should not be hung on walls, especially in a child’s bedroom, and should remain out of children’s reach. Thistle and Lace is not responsible for any harm resulting from the misuse of our products.


Please make sure to follow these instructions on how to properly care for your new items.

Caring for your new decor:
-Store in provided packaging until needed. This will avoid accidental damage and dust collection.
-Do not bend the decor or mishandle as it is delicate and may result in breaking or tearing of the decor.

Caring for your new Cake Topper:
-Keep the cake topper in the original packaging until it is ready for use. This will avoid accidental damage and dust collection on the item.

-Although our bare wood and acrylic cake toppers are non-toxic, and our painted toppers are sealed with a non-toxic and hypoallergenic sealant, we recommend wrapping the stick of your topper with saran wrap prior to inserting into the cake to ensure safety and keep your topper in pristine condition. When removing the cake topper, make sure to also remove the saran wrap, as it may be left behind.


We’d be more than happy to design something that is unique. Please do not hesitate to ask if I can customize something for you.

Please note that custom orders can have a lengthier processing time since we have to design, send out digital proofs (if needed), assemble, and test each custom piece to make sure it meets our high standards. If it does not meet our standards, then we restart this process. Ask us for details when submitting your inquiry.